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Let the Dogl Calculus app help you get on top of Calculus. It makes it easy to engage actively and interactively with the material, helping you come up with your own solutions rather than reading those of others. All served in a neat package, with an engine that tailors problems to your needs.

Our content is developed by college and university lecturers and examiners — people actually teaching Calculus and creating exams — using sound pedagogical principles.

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An app that fits into your everyday routine. Get going quickly and practice on-the-go, anywhere, anytime.

Teacher's Eye™

See what the teacher sees when looking at a problem. Improve your pattern recognition skills to help you tackle unfamiliar problems.

Understand more

Designed by university lecturers with decades of teaching experience. We let you work on problems in bite-size chunks so you can focus on the parts you really need.