Our team

Dogl Calculus is a team effort led by university lecturers in the US and Sweden together with software engineers, to bring you genuinely useful learning in a convenient form.

Want to get in touch? You can write to us at support[...]dogl.app.

Our efforts have been supported and/or financed by KTH Innovation at the Royal Institute of Technology, and Vinnova (the Swedish Innovation Agency):

Bringing Dogl's services to you with are:

A photo of Katie

Katie Hall, PhD

Content creator

Assistant Professor in Residence in Mathematics, USA. Katie has received multiple teaching awards and is well-versed in Calculus curricula across the US.

Research fields: Geometry and Topology.

A photo of Diane

Diane Holcomb, PhD

Acting CEO and Content creator

University Researcher in Mathematics and lecturer, Sweden. Diane has taught extensively in the US and has received multiple teaching awards.

Research field: Probability.

A photo of Jesper

Jesper Sisask, MSc

Head of development

With a background in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and many years of experience in software development in industry (think deep-sea exploration!), Jesper is head of the technical side of things at Dogl.

A photo of Olof

Olof Sisask, PhD

Content creator and Developer

Associate Professor of Mathematics, Sweden. Olof has a tonne of experience teaching Calculus and related material, and also does some of the coding of Dogl.

Research fields: Harmonic Analysis and Number Theory.